Sunday 24 August 2008

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Of Winter Stars

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Thankyou for coming here and looking at my work, there are plenty of old posts to peruse here.

Saturday 23 August 2008

the end of this thing

I wish that I had some kind of photo which brought this to completion. Because it is finally completed. I moved out some months ago now, it just took awhile for me to find the space to wade through all these photos and upload them.
The reason I have done this is to bring this period of time to completion. This life. This way of doing things. This art I was making and the processes which I made it in. It is also the end of this blog now.
If I find a photo which fits this, I'll show you.
But for now we have the past fleeting in our hands and all manner of new things to come in this present.

Thursday 24 July 2008

Weather Exchange

Recently I participated in an international project of weather photo exchange. I was partnered with an artist in Rotterdam, Netherlands who I didnt know, and each day we were required to take a photo of the weather and post it on a blog. I participated from Tuesday 8th of July until Sunday 20th of July while I was doing a residency at the Kings Cottage in Launceton. It was a pretty interesting project, but more than anything alighted new ideas inside me for the possibilities of collaboration.
Weather Photos

Monday 28 April 2008

the boxes

Objects of interest in this moving game, its a pity about the branding, i would like the boxes more if they were blank.

in the thick of it

Sunday 27 April 2008

tŷ bâch twt

(tŷ bâch twt is welsh for cubby house)

I had grand visions for what might have happened at the cubby house party, I envisioned walls made from sheets and cardboard, shadowpuppetry, sleeping on cushions and reading poems, drawing on paper and eating cookies with tiny cups of milk with tea, music and laughter.

When the sunday rolled round and it was time to play I was overwhelmed with the concept of moving house and the mess and boxes reading for packing and all I wanted was a desert. All I wanted was a desert. I wanted nothing in the room. I wanted nothing.

But my most beloveds came ready to play, and it was a beautiful thing to see. People pulled sheets from their neat stacks and hung ties and strings from the rafters, turned chairs and lounges upsidedown, and created a world of shadows and dreams. There were whispers and soundscapes and a subtle feeling of the end.

This grew into an uncomfortable feeling, and a desire for ones own home. There was a feeling of loss and displacement in the air, and a craving for a sense of home. By 10 o'clock everyone had left and gone home. It was a strange party, but as a conceptual art piece it couldn't have been more perfect, and a perfect end to a long artists residency in the warehouse.

It was as if I was moving my friends out, and the space needed to change before I could let go and actually engage with the task of physically moving my belongings out of the house.

I left the house and walked into the street and into the night with a great sense of release in my body.